Biggani.org is an initiative to develop science and technology related content such as articles, essays, tutorial, books etc. in Bangla. We have found that to minimize the digital divider, we need to develop more contents in our own language. Although there are many sites (including online Bangla news papers) are contributing for the contents in Bangla, few sites are focusing in science and technology areas. We believe that we need more writers who can explain science and technology easily to the young generation (including kids). Biggani.org is our effort to encourage and develop good writers for future.

Biggani.org is a social initiative to popularize science and technology at Bangladesh. We believe that we need to give emphasize in science and technology to sustain in future world. Here is an example, although the telecom penetration of Bangladesh is higher than other under-developed countries, we are not good in telecom technologies. Our national policy is moving towards “technology users” group (importing technology and tech goods) rather than developing our own technology. Biggani.org like to create the awareness to moving towards “creating technology group” rather than “technology users group”. We are writing articles and tutorials to understand the science and technology.

Biggani.org is a total automated site. Here any writer can submit articles with figure, multimedia and videos through online based submission system and can publish it automatically at the site. A reader can leave comments about the articles that helps to enrich the content. When any new comment submitted a notification email is sent to the writers and later writers also comment about the readers comment. This way readers can develop a very interactive communication with the writers which help the writers to improve his/her article.

We are mainly Bangla based site. We believe that using Bangla for science learning can greatly enhance when the curriculum will be developed in the Bangla and the Bangla is again used as the medium of instruction. Since English is an international language particularity very important as the media of science and technology, we have a section for English articles too.

We are using Internet as the media to reach the young people. Till now a total 189,436 readers has visited our site and total 1,865,684 pages has been read by them. In an average every visitor read 5.48 pages. Among them 52% are the new readers and 48% are the regular readers. At biggani.org there are total 5816 registered members and among them 364 writers are contributing articles. Till today we have got total 2911 comments from the users and total 1329 articles has been published.

(Data as on 5 March 2012)

  • Updated on 19 Jan 2021
    • Total visited users: 5,85,227
    • Total page read: 3,034,600
    • Avg. Session Duration: 6 min 6 sec

We are working towards attaining quality education for all and strengthening cooperation, in building inclusive knowledge societies and in mobilizing political will for applying the benefits of science and technology to sustainable development. We understand that only the Internet based media can’t help us to reach our goal and we are planning to organizing science fairs in school and colleges to reach young generation. We started our journey on 6 March 2006.

A video presentation on biggani.org

presentation of biggani.org for Manthan Award 2010

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