High Performance Textiles

ITS 96th Scientific Session Report: 

‘High Performance Textiles’

96th Scientific Session ‘High Performance Textiles’& 195th Board of Directors’ Meeting

The 96th Technical Session ‘High Performance Textiles’ of the Institute of Textile Science was held on 14 April 2004 at Industry Canada in Ottawa. ITS President, Dawn Carrick and Industry Canada’s Nita Saville and Bernard Ouellet welcomed distinguished speakers and participants. It was stressed that the Institute of Textile Science Canada is an important catalyst for of the industry the exchange and sharing of information among our key textile players, critical to new developments and growth.

This follows a highly successful October 2003 ITS 95th Scientific Session ‘From Silk to High Tech’ held in Kingston. Industry Canada kindly hosted the 96th ITS Scientific Session. The Institute of Textile Science Canada is pleased to welcome the record number of participants in the 96th technical session in Ottawa.

ITS Vice-President, Dr Shafiul Islam, CText FTI, of TexTek Solutions, chaired the 96th Scientific Session: ‘High Performance Textiles’. Four distinguished speakers made their resourceful presentations with an insightful and interactive Q&A period. Many participants’ meaningful interactions made the Q&A session more interesting. Dr Betty Crown of University of Alberta and Dr Lena Horne of University of Manitoba made remarkable contributions in this session.

L>R: Sean Procunier, Tac Wear Inc.; Dr. J. F. Ouellette, DuPont Canada; Dawn Carrick, DND; Erhardt Schumann, Dupont Canada; Peter Aspley, Invista; Darko Medved, Ivodex Enterprises Inc.; Dr. Shafiul Islam, CText FTI, TexTek Solutions; Jerry Bauerle, BodyCote Ortech

Dr. J. F. Ouellette of DuPont Canada, Mississauga presented his research, ‘Chemical and Particulate Protective Clothing for National Defence’ with an overview of the applications for protective garments in Law Enforcement and National Defence. He highlighted R&D initiatives around the various levels of protection, garment construction, fabric differentiation as well as present and future applications.

Peter Aspley of Invista made a unique presentation on behalf of Rego Bespoke Clothiers. The FITTER TM is the world’s first electronic measurement system made by retailers for retailers – the next best thing to cloning tailors. Of particular interest – measuring for uniforms from remote locations.

Sean Procunier of Tac Wear Inc., Scarborough, Ontario presented “Performance Apparel for Law Enforcement and National Defence” with an overview of the applications for performance apparel garments in Law Enforcement and National Defence as well as information about performance fabrics, garment construction, present and future end uses.

L>R: Richard Cormier, the CTT Group and Marcel Daoust, CIMEQ

Marcel Daoust of CIMEQ and Richard Cormier of the CTT Group, Quebec presented “Smart Textiles: The Intelligent Textile Technological Alliance Project.” This presentation was focused on the latest developments in the field of “smart textiles” with details of a new Canadian ITTA initiative that has been formed to assist companies with the development of smart textile solutions that will meet the practical needs of consumers, industry organizations and institutions.

ITS Treasurer, Jerry Bauerle of BodyCote Ortech; President, Dawn Carrick of DND and Past President, Erhardt Schumann of Dupont Canada presented tokens of appreciation to the distinguished speakers. This year, ITS welcomes two new members: John Winship of Gentex Corporation, Carbondale, PA and Majibur Rahman Khan of Textile System Engineering Dept., Shinshu University, Japan.

Bernard Ouellet, CATIP, Industry Canada

Dawn Carrick, ITS President, chaired the 195th Board of Directors’ Meeting of ITS, held in Industry Canada, Ottawa on 14 April 2004. Among the ITS Board of Directors, Shafiul Islam, Darko Medved, Jerry Bauerle and Erhardt Schumann attended the 195th BODs meeting.

The Institute of Textile Science will be holding its 97th Scientific Session: ‘Cutting Edge Technical Textiles’ on Tuesday, October 20th, 2004 in Missiassuga, Ontario. ITS Canada is inviting guest speakers for the forthcoming scientific sessions. This will be followed by the ITS Annual General Meeting. The 196th ITS Board of Directors Meeting will also take place in Ottawa on October 19th. We welcome you all on October 20th in Mississauga.

By: Shafiul A. Islam; PhD, CText FTI
Vice-President, Institute of Textile Science Canada
Chair, ITS 96th Scientific Session ‘High Performance Textiles’

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High Performance Textiles: http://textilescience.ca/sessions_96th.html

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