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ITS 98th Scientific Session: ‘Specialty Textiles’, Ottawa, 21 April 2005 

98th Scientific Session “Specialty Textiles” & 197th Board of Directors’ Meeting

The 98th Technical Session ‘Specialty Textiles’ of the Institute of Textile Science was held on 21 April 2005 at Industry Canada in Ottawa. This follows a highly successful October 2004 ITS 97th Scientific Session ‘Cutting Edge Technical Textiles’ held in Mississauga. Ms Sara Filbee and Nita Saville of Industry Canada welcomed distinguished speakers and delegates.

Dr Shafiul Islam, CText FTI, of TexTek Solutions, chaired the 98th Scientific Session. A record number of participants enjoyed insightful presentations:

Dr Wen Zhong, University of Manitoba, presented – ‘Protective Respirators for BioDefense’ – with focused R&D initiatives to combine critical structural design.

Mr. Eric Barry’s, Eric Barry Consulting, Oakville, presentation – ‘No Place to Hide!’ – revealed the textile industry’s challenges in the edge of rapid globalization and trade liberalization.

Dr Elizabeth Crown and Rohit Sati, University of Alberta presented ‘Materials for Protection from Steam and Condensate’ with promising research results.

Dr Jacek Mlynarek, CTT Group, Quebec, presented an overview of emerging opportunities and development trend in the field of value-added textiles.

Helena Vandeweerd, Erhardt Schumann, Jerry Bauerle and Darko Medved presented tokens of appreciation to the distinguished guest speakers.

Dawn Carrick presented the ITS Science Award to Dr. Elizabeth Crown for her remarkable contribution to textile research and innovations, and Peter Marsh presented the ITS Fellowship Award to Erhardt Schumann for his dedication in the textile field. Dr Shafiul Islam presented plaques to ITS Past Presidents: Dawn Carrick and Erhardt Schumann.

In the 197th Board of Directors’ Meeting in Ottawa on 21 April 2005, ITS Board of Directors elected the Executive Team for 2005-06: President – Dr. Shafiul Islam, Secretary – Helena Vandeweerd, Vice President – Darko Medved, Treasurer – Jerry Bauerle, Past President – Dawn Carrick; and Directors: Dr. Jacek Mlynarek, Peter Marsh, Tom Hong and Peter Aspley. 

We plan to celebrate our 50th anniversary and100th Scientific Session in 2006 as well as revamp our new website www.textilescience.ca. This year, ITS BoD welcomed: Drs Lena Horne and Wen Zhong, University of Manitoba, Dr. Guowen Song, University of Alberta, and Ms. Catherine Andersson, QETE, DND, QC as new members.

The Institute of Textile Science will be holding its 99th Scientific Session: ‘Coated and Laminated Textiles’ on October 19th, 2005 in Kingston followed by the 198th ITS Board of Directors’ Meeting. We invite guest speakers. Hope to see you all on October 19th in Kingston.

Front L>R: Dr. Shafiul Islam, CText FTI, TexTek Solutions; Jerry Bauerle, BodyCote Ortech; Peter Marsh, PLM Consulting. Back L>R: Darko Medved, Ivodex Enterprises Inc; Dr. Jacek Mlynarek, CTT Group; Erhardt Schumann, DuPont Canada; Eric Barry, Eric Barry Consulting; Dawn Carrick, DND; Dr Wen Zhong, University of Manitoba;. Dr. Elizabeth Crown, University of Alberta; Helena Vandeweerd, Tulmar Safety Systems Inc.

Peter Marsh presents the ITS Fellowship Award to Erhardt Schumann

Dawn Carrick presents the ITS Science Award to Dr. Elizabeth Crown

Dr. Elizabeth Crown with her ITS Science Award.

By: Dr. Shafiul A. Islam, CText FTI
President, Institute of Textile Science
Chair, ITS 98th Scientific Session: ‘Specialty Textiles’

Download ITS 98th Scientific Session Program & Registration Form

Specialty Textiles: http://textilescience.ca/sessions_98th.html

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