From Silk to High Tech

ITS 95th Scientific Session Report: ‘From Silk to High Tech’

95th Scientific Session ‘From Silk to High Tech’ & 194th Board of Directors’ Meeting

Dr Shafiul Islam, CText FTI, ITS Vice President, chaired the 194th Board of Directors’ Meeting of ITS, held in Brew Pub, Kingston on 7 October 2003. Erhardt Schumann of DuPont Canada, ITS Past President, and Peter Aspley of Invista, ITS Secretary sponsored the ITS Board of Directors’ Supper Meeting. Among the ITS Board of Directors, Peter Aspley, Shafiul Islam, Peter Marsh, Jerry Bauerle and Erhardt Schumann attended the 194th BODs meeting.

The 95th Scientific Session ‘From Silk to High Tech’ of the Institute of Textile Science was held on 8 October 2003 at Invista in Kingston, Ontario. ITS Past President, Erhardt Schumann, welcomed distinguished speakers and participants.

ITS Vice-President, Dr Shafiul Islam, CText FTI, of TexTek Business Solutions, chaired the 95th Scientific Session: ‘From Silk to High Tech’. Four distinguished speakers made their resourceful presentations with an insightful interactive questions and answers session. Dr Islam welcomed two new members of ITS: Ian Maclean of DIFCO Performance Fabrics and Helena Vaderweerd of Tulmar Safety Systems Inc.

Ekaterina Pasnak, Master of Art Conservation Program, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario presented her research, “Role of Alum in Gelatin Sizing of Silk Supports” – explores whether the alum in sizing accelerates degradation though it makes the silk painting more vibrant and more resistant to decolouration. Ms. Pasnak earned her BA in Art History from the University of Moscow. Her art conservation internships include work at the Museum of Anthropology, Vancouver; the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto and other international museums.

John Winship, Canadian Marketing Manager, Gentex Corporation, Carbondale, PA, presented, “From Silk Manufacturer to High Tech Military Life Support”. Gentex has evolved as a leading developer of military life-support and protective systems. Deeply rooted in textile technology, this presentation highlights over 100 years of product innovation, which includes specialty fabrics and protective devices. Gentex specializes in electro-acoustic products, helmet systems, performance materials and respiratory products span a range of specialty featured products including casualty care systems, flight helmet with nuclear biological and chemical protection and altitude oxygen mask.

Barney E. Bangs CMA, President, Tulmar Safety Systems Inc., Hawkesbury, Ontario, presented “Coated Fabrics to the Rescue”. Tulmar specializes in high quality, well-designed products for aerospace and defense. These include rescue systems, assault boats, inflatable shelters and military vehicle assemblies. The specialized CAD and computerized cutting systems were the key highlights of this high tech product presentation.

Rubber boats with HypalonÔ neoprene fabric (resists up to -47°C) last for 15-20 years. They are easy to repair and are not attacked by damaging hydrocarbons (gas, oil), pollution or UV rays.

Dr Rebecca Goyan, Research Associate, Dept. of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Royal Military College of Canada, Kingston, Ontario, presented her farsighted research “Electro Spinning – Nano Fibers and More”. She illustrated the basic concepts of electrostatic spinning to produce nano fibers from volatile polar solvent. These ultra fine fibers can incorporate functional groups such as antibiotics, enzymes, antibodies, etc. for a wide range of applications.

10-30kV was used to extrude fine dia. 0.2mm fibers. This yields high surface to volume ratio. Some prospective applications include separation membrane, biomedical, nanocomposites, protective clothing etc. They key technological challenges yet to overcome – high range of diameter distribution and consistency in mechanical properties. Her research interests span a range of innovations for specialty lubricants, chemical and biological protection suites, and controlled targeted drug delivery.

Pictured above L>R: Dr Shafiul Islam, CText FTI, TexTek Business Solutions; Peter Aspley, Invista; Jerry Bauerle, BodyCote Ortech; Dr. Rebecca Goyan, Royal Military College; Erhardt Schumann, Dupont Canada; Ekaterina Pasnak, Queen’s University, Barney Bangs, Tulmar Safety Systems Inc.; Peter Marsh, PLM Consulting Ltd.; John Winship, Gentex Corporation; Darko Medved, Ivodex Enterprises Inc.

ITS Treasurer, Jerry Bauerle, of BodyCote Ortech, Director, Darko Medved of Ivodex; Secretary, Peter Aspley of Invista and Past President, Erhardt Schumann of Dupont Canada presented token of gifts and appreciations to the distinguished speakers. Finally Peter Aspley of Invista hosted Textile Lab Tour for the participants of the scientific session.

The Institute of Textile Science will be holding its 96th Scientific Session on Tuesday, April 13th, in Ottawa, Ontario. This will be followed by the ITS Annual General Meeting. The 195th ITS Board of Directors Meeting will also take place in Ottawa on April 12th. We welcome you all on April 13th in Ottawa.

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By: Shafiul A. Islam; PhD, CText FTI
Vice-President, Institute of Textile Science
Chair, ITS 95th Scientific Session ‘From Silk to High Tech’

ITS 95th Scientific Session Digital Photographs by Jerry Bauerle, Treasurer, ITS

From Silk to High Tech :

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