Vision for Innovation

[♪ Dedicated to Prolific Scientists Jagadish Chandra Bose, Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla. ♪]

Innovation plays a crucial role as we strive for quality lives and weave our global social fabric. A few nations lead our global innovation horizon. Beyond the innovative heritage, they have a deep driving desire for learning and creating sustainable solutions for challenging applications. Cultivating and nurturing creative curiosity is critical in stimulating and propelling innovative initiatives and cutting-edge solutions.

Our sheer innovations make our planet beautiful. They ignite hope in humanity. Are traditional belief systems the barriers that inhibit our innovative insights? What makes a nation more creative and productive? What values stimulate our innovative journey? What propels our curiosity and creative spirit?

Let’s reflect on the attached research visual representation: international innovation horizon 1977-2015. It highlights a few insightful perspectives:
  • America (3.03M Patents) leads the international innovation horizon,
  • Japan (1.07M Patents) leads the Asian nations, and
  • Germany (366K Patents) leads in Europe.
Visionary nations and leaders harness education, innovation, and infrastructures to enhance their economy. They break the barriers, empower people, generate results and strive for excellence with a ‘kaizen’ (‘kai = change,’ ‘zen = wisdom;’ continuous improvement) philosophy. They consistently exploit scientific and technological knowledge to create a process-product-solution to enhance productivity and profitability.
Vision creates value. Vision and passion propel creative curiosity and innovation in high-performance work environments. Talented people are like migrating birds. Have you created nurturing nests and innovative infrastructures that attract and retain the talented people? Have you created environments in which everyone’s true potential is unleashed? Invest in innovation to boost your economy.
To unleash your passion and potential, may I present you three insightful thoughts?
  • ‘Context + Content = Capacity.’
  • ‘Talent + System = Exceptional Results.’
  • ‘System + Technology + Service = Total Solution Strategy.’
Feel free to post your thoughts and comments. I look forward to learning from your views.
[Ref Image: International Innovation Horizon 1977-2015 Graph Source: LinkedIn, 2017 August 02.]
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