Cutting Edge Technical Textiles

ITS 97th Scientific Session: ‘Cutting Edge Technical Textiles’

97th Scientific Session “Cutting Edge Technical Textiles” & 196th Board of Directors’ Meeting

The 97th Technical Session ‘Cutting Edge Technical Textiles’ of the Institute of Textile Science was held on 20 October 2004 at BodyCote Ortech in Mississauga. ITS President, Dawn Carrick, welcomed distinguished speakers and participants. This followed a highly successful April 2004 ITS 96th Scientific Session ‘High Performance Textiles’ held in Ottawa.

L>R: Michael Loney, CText ATI, MartinTek; Dr Shafiul Islam, CText FTI, TexTek Solutions; Peter Aspley, CText ATI; Dr Jose Gonzalez, University of Alberta; Peter Marsh, PLM Consulting Ltd.; Dr Lena Horne, University of Manitoba; Jean-Pierre Giroux, THRC; Jerry Bauerle, BodyCote Ortech; Dawn Carrick, DND.

ITS Vice-President, Dr Shafiul Islam, CText FTI, of TexTek Solutions, chaired the 97th Scientific Session.

Dr Jose Gonzalez, University of Alberta, presented his research, ‘Multi-Functional Protective Textiles’. He highlighted R&D initiatives and challenges to combine critical components into a single system with multiple functions.

Download ITS 97th Scientific Session: University of Alberta Presentation

L>R: Dr Jose Gonzalez, University of Alberta and Helena Vandeweerd, Tulmar Safety Systems Inc.

Jean-Pierre Giroux, Textiles Human Resources Council, Ottawa presented ‘Innovative Skills Solution for Today’s Textile Industry’ with an overview of the THRC’s Textile Training Through Technology? comprehensive workforce development system and e-Learning Programs.

Download ITS 97th Scientific Session: THRC Presentation

L>R: Jean-Pierre Giroux, THRC and Dawn Carrick, DND 

Peter Aspley, Michael Loney and Shafiul Islam presented an overview of insightful presentations of the HighTex Expo 2004 Montreal from nanotechnology to plasma technology.

Peter Aspley, CText ATI 

Dr Lena Horne, University of Manitoba, presented ‘Dare to be Different!’ This new farsighted textile curriculum is developed to serve global textile complex focusing the futuristic needs of consumers and industry.

Helena Vandeweerd, Dawn Carrick and Peter Aspley presented tokens of appreciation to the distinguished speakers. Jerry Bauerle`s BodyCote Textile Testing Lab Tour concluded the 97th ITS technical session.

Dawn Carrick chaired the 196th Board of Directors’ Meeting, held in BodyCote Ortech, Mississauga on 19 October 2004 in presence of ITS Board of Directors, Shafiul Islam, Jerry Bauerle, Peter Marsh, Peter Aspley and Erhardt Schumann. ITS BODs welcomed Dr Ayub Nabi Khan of PrimeAsia University, Dhaka, Bangladesh as a new member.

L>R: Peter Aspley, CText ATI and Dr Lena Horne, University of Manitoba

The Institute of Textile Science will be holding its 98th Scientific Session: ‘Specialized Textiles’ on Thursday, April 21st, 2005 in Ottawa. ITS Canada is inviting guest speakers for the forthcoming scientific sessions. This will be followed by the ITS Annual General Meeting and the 197th ITS Board of Directors’ Meeting. Hope to see you all on April 21st in Ottawa.

By: Shafiul A. Islam; PhD, CText FTI
Vice-President, Institute of Textile Science Canada
Chair, ITS 97th Scientific Session: ‘Cutting Edge Technical Textiles’

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