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বই আলোচনা


by Anisur Rahman “The thoughts of distinguished scientist Anisur Rahman on a variety of subjects including science, religion and politics.” Keeping up with Time by Anisur Rahman, i2i Publishing, Manchester, UK, 2021 Sep 20. “Do black holes form links to other universes or are they the mothers of new Big …

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High-toughness Spider Silk Fibers Spun from Soluble Recombinant Silk Produced in Mammalian Cells

Book Chapter Book Title: Biopolymers Online Polyamides and Complex Proteinaceous Materials Authors: Dr. Costas N. Karatzas3, Nathalie Chretien4, François Duguay5, Annie Bellemare6, Dr. Jiang Feng Zhou7, Dr. Andrew Rodenhiser8, Dr. Shafiul A. Islam9, Carl Turcotte10, Dr. Yue Huang11, Dr. Anthoula Lazaris12 Published Online: 15 JAN 2005 DOI: 10.1002/3527600035.bpol8005 Copyright © 2005 …

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Airship Technology (উড়োজাহাজ প্রযুক্তি)

  Coauthored the Materials chapter by Shafiul Islam and Peter Bradley. 2nd Edition: Published from the Cambridge University Press, UK on 2012 February 28 ISBN: 978-1-107-01970-6 Editor: Gabriel Alexander Khoury Coauthored the Materials chapter (113-148) of this book: Airship Technology Airship Technology :: Table of Contents … … 6             Materials …

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