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Textile and Apparel Exports/Imports

  লিখেছেন Shafiul Islam  Saturday, 04 August 2012 উৎসর্গঃ সৃষ্টির সেবক, রেডিও আবিষ্কারক স্যার জগদীশ চন্দ্র বসু – যার স্পর্শে পৃথিবী ধন্য! Textile and Apparel Exports/Imports Trade Horizons: Canada, US and Beyond, S Islam, The Textile Journal, Mar-Apr, 2004, 121 (2) 34-40 [PDF ফাইল] shafarticlectj121ma2004.pdf প্রকাশিত: The Textile Journal, Mar-Apr, 2004, 121 …

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High Performance Textiles

ITS 96th Scientific Session Report:  ‘High Performance Textiles’ 96th Scientific Session ‘High Performance Textiles’& 195th Board of Directors’ Meeting The 96th Technical Session ‘High Performance Textiles’ of the Institute of Textile Science was held on 14 April 2004 at Industry Canada in Ottawa. ITS President, Dawn Carrick and Industry Canada’s …

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